Cyber Operations

At Serco cyber operations is not a separate offering, but rather a critical discipline that is integrated into everything we do.

In designing any key solution, process, or system we keep cyber security front of mind to make sure that your technology and your mission are protected from cyber threats from the ground up. We recognize that in today’s environment every IT environment faces a range of potential breaches, including those from sophisticated cyber hackers to employees and contractors working within the firewall.

Our team of cyber experts stays current on the latest threats, most effective technologies, and best organizational practices. Our experience spans from highly sensitive, ultra-secure environments for the Intelligence community to all branches of the military and numerous federal civilian agencies.

  • Cyber Architecture – We employ an Enterprise Architecture-based approach to cyber operations that provides a very powerful means to integrate cyber security within the framework of your mission and critical systems, so as to promote effective governance, standardized infrastructure, and consistent execution.
  • Cyber Awareness – We help our clients develop the ability to effectively monitor, detect, and react to cyber intrusions before they cause significant damage. This includes maintaining global situational awareness and undertaking effective defensive and offensive countermeasures.
  • Cyber Education – Because the human actor often remains the most vulnerable link in the chain, Serco provides an integrated approach to training, compliance, and monitoring of cyber security policies and procedures.

At Serco, we recognize that effective cyber operations encompasses far more than buying the latest device. It requires an intimate understanding of how people, processes and technology come together to create a seamless end-to-end network environment that keeps critical information secure.