Learning and Human Capital Management

Serco has developed training methodologies and technologies used in some of the most demanding environments in the world – from air traffic controllers managing hundreds of flights a day to U.S. Marine Corps commanders incorporating lessons learned into the potential battles of tomorrow.

Human capital management is an essential way in which we help our clients to fulfill their missions and achieve service delivery excellence. We offer a range of approaches, from high touch classroom instruction, to high tech immersive and 3D environments that bring high stakes training to life.

Valuable learning begins with great content, and we begin with an in-depth understanding of the challenges your people face and the skills they require. Our learning solutions are designed to transmit new skills quickly, shorten the time to deployment, ensure consistent execution of policies, and maximize performance.

  • Workforce Analysis & Solutions – Our experts will help assess needs and capabilities required to achieve organizational change, and then design the optimal solution to build the competencies required.
  • E-Learning – We develop both synchronous and asynchronous courseware for advanced distributed learning (ADL) programs, including conforming to the SCORM standards used in many government contexts.
  • Job Performance Solutions – We employ the latest Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS) to empower your people to perform their tasks with a high level of efficiency, while reducing the need for external interventions.