Logistics Systems

Serco provides logistics support to keep our clients at the highest state of readiness, while optimizing the costs associated with complex weapons systems and supply depots.

We help to develop and manage a full range on information systems that are used to effectively manage the goods and services required by a wide range of government organizations. We support our clients with advanced logistics planning, demand forecasting, asset tracking, and dispositions. Our expertise can help reduce the cost of major acquisitions, plan across the lifecycle of maintenance and sustainment, and intelligently react to changing budgets and missions.

We have worked with clients including the Army, Navy, Air Force, Defense Logistics Agency, and Department of Homeland Security to develop and manage advanced logistics programs.

  • Acquisition Logistics – Serco provides acquisition support to our military clients on a variety of advanced weapons systems, with a focus on maximizing operational readiness while saving tax payer dollars across the system’s lifecycle.
  • Emergency Response – Serco has assisted with large scale emergency response efforts, including establishing rapid deployment medical facilities in Haiti and Chile following natural disasters. We help the Navy to deploy transportable hospitals that include laboratory, radiology, pharmacy, patient wards, and operating wards.
  • Logistics Data Management – Serco has the expertise required to design and manage large-scale logistics data systems, so as to provide our clients with asset visibility, controls, and analytics required for complex operations.
  • Logistics Planning & Engineering – Serco has helped manage the large scale movement of equipment and assets as a trusted agent on behalf of the military, with a focus on program efficiency, cost avoidance, and repurposing of valuable property.
  • Supply Chain Management – Serco manages advanced IT systems and databases to provide total visibility across the military supply chain, so as to enable real-time monitoring and forecasting of materiel needs in dynamic environment.
  • Warehouse & Depot Management – We provide comprehensive ISO 9001:2000 certified support for sustainment, maintenance, and repair at depots and warehouses to maintain a high degree of inventory accuracy and reduce wastage at warehouses and depots.