Networks and Communications

Serco has developed network and communications systems used in some of the most demanding environments on earth, from strategic command and control centers deep inside mountains to satellite communications systems in outer space.

This heritage is evident in our approach network and communications systems, where we approach every client as a “mission critical” assignment.

We know that your communications network and data are among the most vital assets of your organization. It’s all about delivering critical information to key actors so they can make the right decisions. And while technologies continue to change rapidly, the requirements for dependability and security remains a constant.

We take a complete lifecycle approach to designing and supporting enterprise networks, so as to help you achieve incremental or revolutionary change. Our solutions encompass voice, video, data, narrowband, broadband, mobile and cloud technologies. We have the qualifications to work on secure and non-secure communications.

Serco can help with:

  • Cloud Migration
  • Core Networking
  • Data Center Consolidation
  • LAN/WAN Networks
  • Satellite Communications
  • Voice & Video Networks
  • Wireless Communications

Serco has a reputation for delivering complex networking systems on schedule and within budget.

We bring all the resources required for government-approved purchasing, warehousing, deployment, accounting, and testing. And our deep understanding of evolving government technology standards, will ensure that your network is built to comply with applicable mandates and support integration and information sharing.