Our Services

Serco is a partner who understands how technology enables a business to run more effectively. Utilizing our deep facilities industry knowledge, Serco can provide inventive solutions to your business challenges. 

Serco has implemented IBM TRIRIGA for more than 50,000 leases, 3 billion square feet of space, and 10 million acres of land for dozens of customers. We have in-depth understanding of lease administration, lease management, space management, strategic space planning, and CAD Integrator functionalities within IBM TRIRIGA. We can help with:

  • Project Management- Serco has implemented highly customized project management solutions to meet complex cost accounting requirements and also out-of-the-box project management solutions.
  • Property Management- Using the IBM TRIRIGA Retail module, Serco has successfully developed solutions from inception, construction and management of the property.
  • IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform- Serco has extensive experience creating custom utilities and TRIRIGA application solutions to meet end user needs.
  • Contract Management- Serco supports multiple forms of contract management within IBM TRIRIGA from simple contract administration to full contract lifecycle management.
  • Asset Management- Serco’s implementation experience with asset management includes ordering/receiving and procurement of the assets using the IBM TRIRIGA Inventory module, bar coding of assets for easy access, and extending it to include reserving assets for use on a schedule through the IBM TRIRIGA Reservations module.
  • Internet/Intranet Functionality- IBM TRIRIGA is a web based application; as such, Serco understands Internet/Intranet policies and procedures in classified, secured, and unsecured environments.
  • Tier 2 & 3 Support- Ongoing troubleshooting and issue resolution are critical capabilities that Serco delivers to our customers.
  • Mobile- Serco team members are knowledgeable with Syclo and TRIRIGA Anywhere implementations.
  • Reporting- Serco has extensive knowledge in the use of Internal TRIRIGA Reporting, Crystal Reports, and BIRT Reporting tools.