Citizen Services

A New Standard of Excellence

Serco has set the standard of excellence for large-scale, high-volume programs that deliver vital services to citizens in areas including healthcare, immigration, retirement benefits, and patents.

As service delivery specialists, we work to make government services more efficient, responsive, and customer friendly. We understand the often complex regulatory and security requirements of executing government programs. We are known for standing up programs quickly, assembling and training highly qualified teams, and delivering to well-defined service level metrics.

Serco's subject matter experts understand how to put together the right people, processes, and technology to optimize results. We will go the extra mile to help our clients react to changes in program scope or unexpected events. And we structure performance-based contracts that provide assurance and visibility on service quality, timeliness, and cost.

  • Application & Eligibility Support - Serco has experience processing millions of applications in a highly efficient and secure manner to achieve high levels of citizen satisfaction. We provide application processing, decision support, benefits management, case management, call centers, and fraud prevention. We have been able to dramatically shorten cycle times, reduce clerical errors, and enable government officials to better understand underlying trends. Click here to learn more about our Call Center Operations offering.
  • Document Management - Serco provides full life-cycle support for document conversion, data entry, content management and records management required for large-scale programs and complying with all applicable regulations. We have helped the government transition from paper-based to digital records, and developed electronic case management systems to provide pre-adjudication support and fraud detection. Click here to learn more about our Records Management offering
  • Workforce Development - Serco provides workforce management services across the entire hire-to-retire journey, including recruitment, workforce analytics and planning, and benefits. Our training and consulting capabilities staff and leader development and training, incentives and compensation, organizational design, and change management.
  • Facilities Management Solutions - Serco provides full lifecycle facilities and asset management solutions, utilizing IBM TRIRIGA, to enable data driven-decisions that achieve cost savings, provide superior work places, and ensure regulatory compliance for organizations. We strive to design, deliver, integrate, and maintain IBM TRIRIGA workplace and facilities management solutions in a way that humanizes technology and creates value for our customers. Click here to read more about our FM Solutions.

We have a track record of standing up large scale programs quickly, operating them flawlessly, and achieving program mandates and milestones.