Defense Readiness

A Constant State of Readiness

Serco helps our clients maintain a constant state of readiness through intelligent management of critical resources. We support warfighters and veterans through a comprehensive approach to human capital and social welfare, from recruitment through reintegration to civilian life.

  • Personnel Services – Our military is being required to adapt to a new scope and tempo of operations that require highly trained, motivated and adaptable warfighters. Serco supports the Armed Forces across the full life cycle of services required for a modern, flexible, and effective fighting force. This includes planning, structuring, recruiting, training, deploying, compensating and sustaining modern warfighters, and providing for effective transition and support for those who have served their country. On the front end, we conduct analysis and develop plans which enhance, support and sustain readiness. The models we develop prove the feasibility of our plans and provide metrics by which the execution of the plan is measured. We are experts in services that build the physical, emotional, and psychological resilience of the Total Force. Click here to learn more about Personnel Services.
  • Logistics – Battlefield effectiveness depends on the effective disposition and supply of critical equipment, services, and information to support the warfighter. Serco’s logistics services aid the warfighter in determining the forces that can be delivered to a theatre of operations, what forces can be supported once there, and what will then be the tempo of operations. Future conflicts will require rapid response capabilities across multiple dispersed theaters and highly efficient supply chains. Serco’s comprehensive logistics capabilities are designed for maximum efficiency and flexibility and include integrated logistics support, supply chain integration, procurement, transportation management, expeditionary medical support, warehousing, lifecycle logistics support, and maintenance planning. Click here to learn more about Logistics.
  • Training & Learning Solutions – Given the increasing mission complexity of combat operations and growing integration of technology, effective training is critical to field an effective fighting force. Serco is a proven partner to develop and deliver high impact programs across traditional classroom, web-based, and virtual instruction. We support combat training centers, mission command training, outcome-based training, and role playing and game-based training. Three-dimensional simulations enable highly realistic scenarios while reducing expenses associated with large scale training exercises. Click here to learn more about Training & Learning Solutions.

As the military is being asked to do more with less, Serco provides a full spectrum of personnel services to optimize assets and enhance our military forces.

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