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Human Resource Cost Analysis Tool (HR CAT) for the Navy

Challenge: Navy wanted to make informed decisions on the total organization manpower costs.

Discussion: Many Navy organizations can use military, civilian and contractor manpower to fulfill the mission. Each of these manpower types have differing costs, yet these costs are not readily available to the decision makers. In most cases, the actual cost of the organization is less important than the relative differences associated with different manpower mixes.

Solution: Serco developed Human Resource Cost Analysis Tool (HR CAT) as a web-based tool allowing action officers and leaders the ability to compare the full cost of military, civilian and contractor personnel by selecting the grade, location and skill(s) and see the total cost differentials. Users can also build notional organizations by selecting collections of personnel by these same attributes to “cost” out various manning options. Costs can also be calculated across a period of time to account for various contract windows (e.g., 3 or 5 years).