Personnel Services

A Personal Approach to Personnel

Today’s military needs to attract men and women with the physical and mental capabilities required for warfare in the information age, sustain them across challenging deployments, and provide a successful transition back into the civilian world.

Serco delivers reliable services and support that lead to success for your mission. We are also known for our compassion and ability to relate to government and military personnel on a very personal level. We pride ourselves on providing the very best personnel support – from recruitment through retirement and beyond – at every step of the career lifecycle.

Serco has helped to design and run some of the most sophisticated government, military personnel and military family support programs, including the US Army Career and Alumni Program (ACAP), VA for Vets, Army OneSource, the USA Wounded Warrior Advocate Program, and others.

  • Planning – Whether your work force is military or civilian, we have the analytic experience and associated models to develop a strategic plan operating within your constraints which supports your mission and readiness.
  • Analysis – Our Team has conducted policy, compensation, incentives, and retention consulting for the Army and Navy for decades. Incentives take many forms, but the bottom line of the analysis is to determine the optimal mix of controls to produce the highest readiness at lowest cost within the legal, policy, and budgetary constraints.
  • Recruitment – We understand military and government life and have the skills and experience necessary to effectively draw in top talent while communicating the rewards and benefits of military service.
  • Processing and Administration – From processing to benefits administration to discharging, our administrative support experts enable organizations to remain operationally efficient, reduce errors and cycle times, and improve satisfaction of military members and their families. We combine the processes and technology with people who have a genuine passion to serve.
  • Military Career Transition – Serco understands the challenges of transitioning from military to civilian life. We have pioneered programs to promote employment and address common family stresses. Serco’s military career transition specialists work with soldiers to help them establish a foothold in the civilian world, maximizing the skills and abilities that made them successful in the military.
  • Service Member and Family Counseling – Millions of family members encounter unique challenges associated with government and military life – long deployments, relocations, and related stresses. We are there for service members and their families and our people bring understanding, empathy, and ability to personally connect through supportive counseling. By helping to keep the families of government and military personnel strong, we help to keep our country strong.
  • Wounded Warrior Support – Warriors have the courage to overcome any challenge. Serco has the compassion, motivation and commitment to help them get to where they’re going. We support courageous solders that have sustained serious injuries in every way we know how – through one-on-one counseling, emotional support, family counseling and related services.

Serco has assisted over 2 million soldiers and their families with personnel and career transition support.