Healthcare Support Services

Satisfied Patients and an Improved Bottom Line

Serco provides non-clinical support services that enable hospitals and medical centers to deliver clinical services more efficiently, while improving patient satisfaction and bottom line performance.

Hospitals today are confronted with rising operating costs, changing reimbursement rules, and growing competition for patients and medical talent. While successful hospitals have worked hard to centralize and standardize their approach to clinical care and the supply chain, non-clinical services have been largely overlooked.

Serco believes that an integrated approach to non-clinical services can be one of the most powerful tools that hospitals have to streamline operations and improve patient satisfaction.

In working with major healthcare providers across the world we have found a range of missed opportunities including:

  • Environmental services – Our cleaning services provide a uniformly high standard of cleaning across the entire facility, creating the impression of a high quality, well run, and safe environment. Even more importantly, Serco has developed a system to dramatically reduce the incidence of hospital airborne infections (HAI), which can compromise patients’ health, lead to readmissions, and extend the length of hospital stays. Timely cleaning and improved visibility contribute to higher bed turns and utilization of key equipment and facilities.
  • Switchboard & operations center – At the heart of our solution is a centralized “command center” in which all incoming calls are routed, dispatch and service requests are made, and complaints are logged and quickly resolved. Our goal is to ensure that we track and monitor all activities with our staff and calls are properly dispatched, informed, and efficient.
  • Patient transport & logistics – Using our standardized platform, transport resources are optimized across the facility to improve on-time starts, reduce wait times, and improve the patient experience. Transport dispatches are prioritized as being emergency, urgent, or routine in collaboration with the clinical staff. Similarly critical equipment is centrally and efficiently managed to make sure clinical staff have the tools they need to be effective.

As a true “pay-for-performance” partner, Serco structures relationships where we make a financial commitment to the metrics that are most important to our clients, including improved HCAPH scores and the satisfaction of patients and clinical staff. We rigorously measure key operational metrics including bed turns, patient moves, and call times that impact a hospital’s bottom line and operational efficiencies.

With a surge in patients seeking treatment and continuous pressure on reimbursements, hospitals will require a smarter approach to non-clinical operations to grow and survive.

Patient Benefits

  • Warm welcome
  • Clean environment
  • Treated with dignity & respect
  • Rapid response to issues
  • Engaged clinical and non-clinical staff
  • Consistency of services delivery
  • Reduced wait times

Hospital Leadership Benefits

  • Committed service levels and metrics
  • Improved utilization of beds & facilities
  • Aesthetically more attractive environment for patients and family
  • World-class technology & business processes
  • Patient-centric service design
  • Improved HCAHPS scores and reimbursements
  • Better utilization of resources
  • Transparent reporting to track and drive operational improvements

As a global leader in hospital outsourcing, our offering has been developed around proven techniques from around the world. You can learn more about our Better Together approach to working with our clients.

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