Healthcare Support Services Case Study

Healthcare Support Solutions


Norwich & Norfolk Adopts Patient-centric Approach to Medicine

As one of the largest hospitals in the UK, Norwich and Norfolk University Hospital has adopted a patient-centric approach to providing both acute and planned healthcare.

Through an innovative public-private partnership, the hospital worked with Serco to define the most important metrics for non-clinical services to provide doctors and nurses with the support they need, while creating a positive patient experience. Under this arrangement, Serco committed to achieve defined bed turn times, patient movement times, food quality scores, and patient satisfaction scores. Hospital management was able to have transparent reporting and analytics on every key metric.

The scope of this agreement was quite comprehensive, covering:

  • Patient transport
  • Patient food & cafeteria
  • Environmental services
  • Linen management
  • Sterilization
  • Waste management
  • Facilities operations & maintenance
  • Security & parking

Serco designed its solution based on in-depth consultations with doctors, nurses, and patients to identify the elements that were of greatest importance. We put in place a culture where patients regularly understand why things are being done and what to expect next. By eliminating bottlenecks and duplication in non-clinical services, Serco freed up time for the clinical staff to have deeper levels of patient engagement.

Working with Serco, Norwich and Norfolk was able to keep its 1,010 beds running at 99%. Recent patient satisfaction scores have been above 95%. And the hospital is viewed as a model facility.

Serco also helped respond to an outbreak of anti-biotic resistant staph infections, or MRSAs, by putting in place a systematic deep cleaning of all surfaces and bedding. As a result of this program, Norwich & Norfolk was able to celebrate its first year of zero MRSA infections in 2013.

Improved financial performance, happier patients, and better treatment outcomes – these are the results when Serco and our clients work to make things Better Together.