Operating the Most Advanced Programs in the World

Serco keeps critical transportation systems operating safely and efficiently. On the ground, we integrate the latest technology with our experience in running some of the world’s most advanced traffic management programs. In the air, Serco has expertise in a full range of air transportation solutions, which includes air traffic control, airport management and aviation related technology and equipment.

Smart highways. Safe skyways. Wired metros. Shared bikes. Whether you travel by airplane, car, rail, boat, or bicycle, Serco can help you get there faster, safer, smarter.

Surface Transportation

We have a history of helping governments and commercial customers to improve operational performance and better manage transportation assets, including trains, subways, highways, ferries, bridges, tunnels, and bike sharing programs.

We work with our customers to continuously improve service quality, reliability, frequency, access to information in order to improve the customer journey.

It’s all about getting you where you need to go.

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems– Serco is a global leader in design and operation of intelligent transportation systems. This includes traffic management centers, bridge & tunnel operations, traffic signal maintenance, incident management and safety service patrols, and tolling services. Our expertise in intermodal transport and active traffic management put us ahead of the pack. Learn more.
  • Transit Services – Serco has decades of experience providing operations, maintenance and marketing support for commuter rail, light rail, rapid transit, trams, and street cars. Our customers value Serco for delivering on-time arrivals, reduced costs, an improved customer experience, and an exceptional track record of safety. Learn more.
  • Parking Management Services– Serco provides total management for parking systems including installing and operating parking meter systems, managing parking space availability, and managing parking enforcement and citations. Our intelligent solutions optimize parking availability and traffic flow for citizens, while maximizing revenues for governments. Learn more.

Demonstrating transportation leadership globally

Serco’s reference clients illustrate our ability to deliver superior performance, while allowing us to identify best practices.

  • Largest rail franchise in the UK – Northern Rail spans 2,700 km, with 472 stations, 4,800 staff, and serves a population of 15 million
  • Largest automated metro in the world – Dubai Metro covers 75 km, with 47 stations and 3,300 employees from 28 countries
  • Highest customer satisfaction – Merseyrail had the highest customer satisfaction scores in the UK during 2009 and 2011 and is consistently one of the highest scorers
  • Highest performing metro system in the world – Dubai metro achieved 99.9% availability and 99.3% punctuality in 2012, a world record

Aviation & Air Traffic Control

As one of the world’s largest providers of aviation services, Serco has expertise in a full range of air transportation solutions including air traffic control and management, airport management, and aviation-related technology and equipment.

We provide air traffic control at 85 aviation sites across the globe, keeping the skies safe for passengers and commerce.

  • Aviation Operations – Serco provides air traffic control operations at en route centers, radar approach control, airport towers, and airline ramp towers. We are experts in designing and implementing Safety Management Systems (SMS) to support safety excellence across all our aviation operations. Learn more about Aviation Operations & Management.
  • Infrastructure Services – Serco provides engineering and support for a full range of aviation infrastructure, including ground electronics maintenance, engineering and installation of ATM systems, and related communications, navigation, surveillance and weather systems.
  • Flight Support Services – Serco provides a range of flight support services including weather forecasting, pilot briefings, and aeronautical information management. We offer instructional services in subjects including air traffic control, flight safety, and safety management systems. Serco is the only non-state organization authorized to issue Air Traffic Control licenses on behalf of an ICAO signatory state. Learn more about training and certification services.

With an outstanding safety record, Serco currently manages over 192,000 square miles of airspace worldwide, more than any other private company, and controls over 7 million aircraft movements a year.

We operate 63 Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Visual Flight Rules Air Traffic Control Towers in the United States. In the United States alone, we help more than 10 million commercial passengers each year reach their destinations safely.

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