Aviation Operations & Management

An Integrated Approach

Serco offers an integrated approach to airport operators who wish to achieve highly efficient operations, improved passenger flow, and on time performance, while operating at the highest levels of safety and security.

For example, Serco helped Dubai to become the largest international air hub in the world, with 67 million travelers passing through its airport from all corners of the world.

With experience that spans three continents, we bring the expertise and resources to achieve world-class standards.

Key Services

  • Air Traffic Control
  • Airport facilities management & maintenance
  • Airport security
  • Airport advertising & retailing
  • Training – Aviation management & security
  • Ground handling
  • Passenger handling
  • Safety Management Systems
  • Freight/cargo handling
  • Ramp/apron services
  • Baggage handling
  • Grounds management
  • Airport ground lighting management
  • Fuel management
  • Bird control
  • Aircraft ground support equipment maintenance
  • Airfield & roads management
  • Vehicle fleet management
  • Asset & stock management
  • Logistics services
  • Snow & ice removal

Case Study

Edge of the Arctic: Goose Bay Airport

Serco provides the majority of non-military operation and maintenance services at the Goose Bay military airport, located in Labrador, Canada.

Home to the Royal Canadian Air Force’s 5 Wing, Goose Bay also houses a civilian airport with two 10,000 foot runways, over 200 buildings, and extensive civil infrastructure.

Serco provides air traffic control services and a broad range of logistical support, including warehouse operations, snow and ice removal, environmental protection, hazardous waste management, and material control. We also manage the facilities, including engineering and telecom/IT systems, electrical and airfield distribution systems, water treatment, central heating plant operations, grounds maintenance, food service and security.

Serco is a major employer in the area, second only to the provincial government, with over 320 direct employees.