Transit Services

One of the Most Experienced Providers

Serco is internationally recognized as one of the most experienced providers designing and managing heavy rail, light rail, metro and bus fleets.

We have a relentless focus on improving the customer experience through reliability, friendly service, and the latest technology. Serco manages transportation systems that have been recognized for the highest levels of availability, on-time performance, and customer satisfaction in the world. Given our breadth of experience, we can take a holistic view of transportation mode integration across a regional network to optimize customer convenience, load balancing, and revenue generation.

In structuring our client relationships, Serco commits to tangible improvements on critical metrics that can include passenger growth, service performance, customer satisfaction, and reduced operating costs.

  • Heavy rail – Serco manages over 7404 miles of heavy rail services. We draw from the best practices learned from across decades of operations, on 8 unique rail contracts, to help our clients achieve world-class service.
  • Light rail – As urban density increases, road congestion and environmental concerns are causing increasing demand for light rail networks to facilitate passenger flow into city centers. Serco is a global leader in light rail systems with the expertise in developing and managing this important element of an integrated transportation system.
  • Metro – Metro systems continue to play a critical role in high-density urban areas. Serco has achieved unmatched performance in operating large scale metro systems across the globe.
  • Bus Service – Bus networks and feeder systems have become a critical part of growing transportation corridors. Through our integrated approach, Serco helps our clients to reduce operating costs, increase asset utilization, and move larger numbers of people as efficiently as possible. Our services encompass urban city buses, inter-urban express and coach buses, metro rail feeder services, emergency replacement services, bus rapid transport, and airport landside transportation.

Serco transit services include:

  • Train, metro, bus & ferry operations
  • Control center operations
  • Security management
  • Transportation mode integration
  • Rail depot facility management
  • Rolling stock maintenance
  • Asset planning & deployment
  • Track, signaling & traction power maintenance
  • Passenger real-time information
  • Trip planning technology
  • Station layout & design
  • Ticketing information & pricing
  • Car park management
  • Passenger demand management
  • Bus network development, scheduling & management
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Bus depot, stations, and control center operations
  • Driver training & education